How To Become A Gaming Youtuber In 2024: Earn 1 Lakh Per Month

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In today’s time people think a lot to earn money online but they are not able to succeed, but in today’s time there are many ways by which you can earn money, one of them is YouTube, but people do not know in which field to work on YouTube, then there is nothing to worry about because today we are going to give you complete information about how to become a Gaming Youtuber in the world of gaming.

How to Become a Gaming Youtuber

If you want to earn good money in the world of gaming, then you should have good knowledge of the game. Today we will give you information on how to become a Gaming Youtuber. If you follow all these things, then no one can stop you from becoming a Gaming Youtuber.

How much do youtubers make money

If we tell you, a gaming YouTuber does not become anything just by opening a YouTube channel. Let us tell you that earlier you could only upload long videos on YouTube, but at this time YouTube has also given the option of short videos. If you monetize your YouTube channel, you can earn money. You can monetize it with Google AdSense, but for this you have to complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of time within a year.

Decide on your channel’s goal

If you want to become a gaming YouTuber, then first of all you should know which games you know how to play very well, then you have to work hard day and night on that game in which you have good knowledge, then you can open your own YouTube channel.

Create your YouTube channel page

You have already learned a lot about becoming a YouTuber, you must be wondering how to create your own gaming page, so we are telling you all the methods one by one.

Channel name and description

If you are opening your gaming channel, then first of all you will need a name that people can remember easily and also whatever name you are keeping for your page, it should be exactly the same as your gaming channel so that people can get complete information.

Profile image

First and foremost, your profile image should be a clear, high-quality image that follows YouTube’s recommended size parameters (800 x 800 pixels, no larger than 4MB).

YouTube banner

If we talk about YouTube banner, then you should have such a banner as if you are a gaming channel, then you should be of that type so that people click on your YouTube banner after seeing it.

Create and upload your first video

Now if you are thinking of uploading your videos, then first of all, on the topic on which you have made videos, like we are talking about how to become a Gaming Youtuber, then first of all, record the game for which you are making the video, if you want, you can do voice recording while playing the game, then you can also do voiceover by recording the game, when everything is completed, then you can upload the first video.

Earn money from your channel

If you want to earn money from your YouTube channel, then let us tell you that YouTube has a guideline which you have to fulfill. Now you must be thinking what this guideline is, so let us tell you that you need 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers in 12 months. When you are done with this, then you can apply to monetize your channel and earn money from it when you get approval.


If we talk about AdSense, then as I just told you that when your channel gets monetized, then your dollars start getting generated but where do you see these dollars? So let me tell you that when your channel gets monetized, you get an AdSense account and this is where your money is visible. Then when you have 10 dollars, then you can apply for AdSense Pin.

If you have got complete information about how to become a Gaming Youtuber, then definitely share it with your friends.