How to Start Jewellery Business in 2024: Investment, Profit Space and License

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Indian women always like to dress up and for this they wear many types of jewellery. Now why only women, even men have started wearing many types of jewellery and its trend is increasing. Now some wear gold jewellery, some wear silver and some also wear artificial jewellery. Overall, every kind of jewellery can be traded and a lot of profit is also seen in it.

So if you are also thinking of starting a jewellery business and want to try your luck in it, then this idea of ​​yours will be called a very good idea. Through today’s article, we are going to talk to you on this topic, by reading which you will be able to know how this jewellery business can be started and what preparations are required for this. Let’s know how to do jewellery business.

How to Start a Jewellery Business?

If you want to start a jewellery business, then you have to invest a lot of money and also take care of many things. In simple words, this is a very big business which demands a lot of money and other kinds of precautions. So if you are serious about starting a jewellery business, then only read this article because in this article you will be told in detail about everything related to starting a jewellery business.

For this, you will have to read this article completely because in this article you will be able to know what kind of business is a jewellery business and what preparations are required for it. Let us know what things you have to keep in mind while moving forward in the jewellery business from now on so that this business continues to run properly.

Types of Jewellery Business

Now if we talk about the jewellery business, it is not of one kind but it can be of different types according to the investment made. Now we can know it by dividing it into two parts. The first part includes gold and silver jewellery business and the second part includes artificial jewellery business and both have different importance. Let us know about both.

Where to Start a Jewellery Business?

Now if you are worried about where you should start a jewellery business in your city or where is the best place to open a shop for it. So let us remove this worry of yours and tell you that for this it is best to open a shop in the main road or market of your city. If you look at the earlier jewellery shops opened in your city and observe their location, you will find that most of them will be opened in the main place or market of the city.

So if you want your jewellery business to run and more and more customers come to you for shopping, then you should open your jewellery shop in the market or any other main place of the city.

Investment to Start a Jewellery Business

If you want to start a jewellery business, then it is better to get information about how much investment is required in it or how much is your expenditure. In such a situation, if you want to start your jewellery business, then you will have to invest at least 70 to 80 lakh rupees for it. This is the estimated cost to start a jewellery business, but many people start a jewellery business for less or more than this.

We talked about the gold and silver jewellery business in which so much investment is required. On the other hand, if you are thinking of starting a business of artificial jewellery, then you will have to invest only 5 to 6 lakh rupees in it and your work will be done. That’s why we already said that there is a lot of difference in both types of jewellery business and this difference is mainly of money.

Earnings in Jewellery Business

Now if we look at the earnings in the jewellery business, it also does not decrease, rather it keeps increasing with each passing day. So if you also want to do jewellery business and you have started it, then every day will be a new day for you and the earnings in it are going to be very high. Now if you are doing artificial jewellery business, then your earnings in it are estimated to be around 30 to 50 thousand rupees every month.

On the other hand, if you are going to start a gold and silver jewellery business, then you can earn up to 2 to 5 lakh rupees a month in it. It is completely going to depend on how much you have invested for it because your earnings are going to depend on that only. Now this earning can be 2 lakhs per month or even 20 lakh rupees.


So in this way, by reading this article today, you have come to know what preparations are required to start a jewellery business. What planning has to be done in this business, and what has to be done after that. And if your jewellery business starts running, then how much can you earn every month in it.